Debug Nodes in Edge workflows not working (reliably)




I have an edge agent (1.5) and it seems I cannot get debug nodes to report in the console reliably.

Trying everything. Also finding errors in a workflow (whilst logged when in verbose mode) are not being reported in the workflow debug.

Not sure how to debug the lack of debug, I have many edge workflows deployed but only one currently running agent 1.5.


Ok found out what the issues was.

Whilst I was connecting to debug for a specific agent/device I hadn’t toggled the debug stream.

Yes I am an idiot ;-(

But I do think it is a bit confusing, especially as sometimes I was getting debug node errors showing (but hadn’t touched the toggle live stream). I suppose as I am picking a specific agent device so wasn’t expecting to toggle things on when going into debug.


Hi Tim,

We very much appreciate this feedback! Any time something is unclear or confusing, please don’t hesitate to let us know. I will log this, and we will try to make it more straightforward. :grinning:



Hmm, under the pump trying to deliver equipment with unrealistic external deadlines doesn’t help.

I think what threw me was the fact this is a new feature (the toggle debug stream) and it hadn’t clicked in my brain :wink: