Experience acting strange

I created 2 test applications with experiences using the “Industrial Equipment Monitor” template.
To my knowledge, all I did was to change the main logo on both of these.

When logging in to these experiences, and viewing the dashboards, one experience let’s me scroll down on the page, but the other one don’t! The scroll bar to the right does not show.

I can not find where I have accidently changed some code, so maybe you have a suggestion.

My suggestion would be to compare the files from your experience with those in the base template. The two files that likely affect the page are layout-dashboard-page and css-template. You can find the base template files in Github or you can also create a new application from the template.

There’s a lot of diffing tools out there, so I’d recommend Googling and choosing one that looks good.

Please also post screenshots with any questions that involve the visual appearance of something. Seeing screenshots really helps us (and any other forum reader) understand what you’re experiencing.

Thanks, I found it. Some garbage characters had slipped in to the css-template.