Dashboard experience page control styles being overridden

I have an experience layout that is using mdbootstrap framework, and when I render a dashboard page within this layout some of the dashboard ‘controls’ are taking on the layout style, for example background color. Is there a way to have the losant dashboard preserve its style/css?

Hi @Edward_Cline,

I am currently discussing this with our engineers to get some suggestions. I will follow up shortly.


Hi @Edward_Cline,

I discussed this with some engineers and, unfortunately, did not come up with any quick fixes for keeping these separate. However, we are having some discussion internally as to how we can prevent this in the future. This is occurring as your third party CSS framework is likely targeting the same classes as the dashboard. Though we hope to have a better answer for you in the future, to prevent this now would require either changing the CSS or third party framework to remove the duplicate classes.

Thanks so much,

Along these same lines, do you have anyone using Kendo-UI Jquery in a losant experience without overriding css of the Losant dashboard pages?


I’ve been chatting with the engineers on this one. There is no great workaround for third party CSS libs interfering with the Dashboard CSS.

However, we are thinking about this, and if/when there is a solution to this, I’ll be certain to let you know!

Thanks for the update. I’ve integrated some Kendo-UI components into an experience view, they work fine and don’t appear to impact the losant dashboard css the way MDB did. FYI…