Can we add bootstrap in the losant dashboard?

I have applied bootstrap to the page layout dashboard page. All the dashboard has that page layout . But bootstrap css is not applied on the dashboard and its widgets .
Is there any way we can apply custom css on dashboard .

Similar to the previous question you posed, the issue is most likely that the styles you are trying to apply are being overridden by inline styles applied to the blocks. You’ll need to either add !important rules to your declarations or increase the specificity of your selectors.

Two notes:

  1. Losant does not guarantee that style overrides will continue to work when we release product updates. While we do make every effort to maintain the HTML structure and CSS classes, we do not guarantee this.
  2. These types of edits are best done by an experienced web developer who understands how to target dynamic page elements and use browser debugging tools (such as Chrome’s Inspector) to tweak styles and understand why certain rules may not be applying.