Can I can customize the CSS Theme for viewing on big screen monitor?


On my current dashboard, I have 24 sensor charts (arranged 8 x 3)

I want to have a big dashboard on big widescreen TV for an industrial project. However, as currently arranged, the dashboard isn’t optimized for big screen display. (Scale and arrangement)

Can you tell me if it’s possible to change the dashboard layout with a custom CSS file?

Also, is it possible to upload our own HTML page template?

I realize that for demo purposes there is a way to change CSS within the browser, but after the page refreshes, it will revert back to the default layout.



There isn’t currently a way to edit the Losant stylesheets. That said, it sounds like, based on your comment, you are familiar with manipulating elements via the developer inspector, and the issue is that your edits reset on page reload.

If you’re using Chrome, there is an extension called Stylish that will allow you to define a custom stylesheet for any website. You can install the extension and apply your own styles for your own purposes. This solution will only work on a per-browser basis, but at least changes will persist.

Note that our front end is built in Facebook’s React.js so many of our styles are applied to elements inline. However, there are still a number of classes applied to elements, especially on the dashboards, that you should be able to override.

If you need any additional classes applied, please let us know and we’ll see if we can work them in.



If you’re able, could you please send us a screenshot of the changes you make for better wide-screen display? It will help us determine what customizability we should add in future releases.