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Don’t miss a comprehensive demo of using Experience Views to build Application Experiences with Lead UX Engineer, Dylan Schuster, TOMORROW at 1 PM EDT.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • See a comprehensive demo of building an application experience.
  • Explore a list of resources Losant Engineers use to aid development.
  • Learn how to use partial application templates to bootstrap your end-user experience.
  • Get answers to your questions live.

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The Experience Views Deeper Dive Webinar was a great time. If you missed it, you can see a full replay here.

Here are some of the question you asked:

When using Experiences, where do you put JavaScript/CSS?

Losant recommends you put your Javascript and CSS files in components. This allows them to be versioned with your experience.

Is it possible to customize individual blocks of the dashboard?

Only the Custom HTML Block and the Custom Chart Block can be customized with HTML and CSS.

Is it possible to apply an Application Template to an existing application?

Yes! In your Application Settings, you can import a template into an existing application.