Duvidas sobre experience pages

I’m developing a custom experience page for my client, on this page the client will have a report.
I developed this report in an html block.
for viewing is fine.

however when I print the block is distorted and does not fit on the printing sheet

is there any way to correct this in the print?
I had thought about using a REST API from my data table on the experience page, is this possible?
is there any easier way to call a data table in the experience page?

Hey @Jonatas_Liasch,

You’ll have to switch from a Dashboard Page to a Custom Page. This gives you much more control over the table and its style. This does require knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Here’s an example of a maintenance_intervals table that I’d like to render to a custom experience page:

In a page, I can then render the rows using this template:

    <th>Service Schedule</th>
  {{#each pageData.maintenanceIntervals.items}}

You can then apply any required CSS to ensure the page renders correctly when viewed in the browser and when printed.

If you’re new to Experience Pages, I recommend reviewing these two Deeper Dives: