Dialog defaults for data selection


Hy all,

i recognized that the selection of new segments for a time series graph ist a bit awkward. It starts as a blank page, so for every segment all settings have to be done repeatedly.

While most of the time similar attributes are combined it would be helpful to start a new segment with the values of the previous input. So, if segments have all the same unit (e.g. Temperature in °C) or dislpay type, the input has only to be done for the first segment.



Hi @Eckehard_Fiedler,

This is a great suggestion! We appreciate your feedback and thank you for helping us make Losant better for our users. I think it could be quite valuable to have a “Copy Segment” button with the “Add Segment” that would allow for some variables to be pre-filled. I will pass this suggestion along, and keep you updated as to if it is implemented.