Time Series Graph - make Y-axis optional

Is it possible today or could a feature be added to allow a segment to be added, but NOT add a Y-axis? I have many situations wherein I want to graph multiple/many temperatures, but really only need 1 Y-axis, not one for each segment. The same is true for on/off conditions (usually represented with “1” and “0”. It’s visually too busy with a Y-axis for each segment when it’s obvious one of the existing ones would suffice.

Hi @Charles_Morrison1,

If each segment has the same y-axis name, min, and max, they will be combined into a single axis on the graph.

All the details about the Time Series Block are here : https://docs.losant.com/dashboards/time-series-graph/#block-data

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

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