1 Y-axis instead of 2 in a dashboard


I recently created a weather dashboard driven by a Particle Photon, it displays temperature and humidity. The whole setup is based on Climate Dashboard on Hackster.io

I added today to the application a second device that does exactly the same. I also added the same workflow, it get’s data from a webhook and get’s it into a virtual device.
When I put both temperatures into a time series graph I have both temperatures with their own Y-axis, one on the left and the other on the right.
How can I manage that both use the same Y-axis ?

As you can see the red temperature has Y-axis from 20 to 23.5 and the blue from 0 to 25. I would like to have both temperatures to only have 1 Y-axis so that both are on the same scale.
How can I do this ?


We actually have a feature in development right now that will solve this problem for you, but it is a couple weeks away from release.

In the meantime, you can get the effect you’re looking for by either:

  1. Renaming one of your virtual device’s temperature attributes to match the other device’s, OR
  2. Reporting temperature to two different attributes on your virtual device: one of the same name you’re using for it now, and a new one that matches the attribute of the other device. Then, when the feature I described above is released, you could switch your graph back to plot the original attribute.

This will work because when two or more devices share a graph, and those devices are reporting an attribute of the same name, the graph will automatically collapse those axes into one (unless you have set different mins / maxs for those axes).

You can see an example of what I mean here:

Three different devices connected to three different plants are all reporting a “moisture” attribute, but since the attribute name is the same, there is only one y axis.


@Rudyv, the feature I described above has been released.