Weird multiple scales in dashboards

Not sure what just happened, but many of my dashboards now have multiple y scales.

Updates going on?

Can you provide an ID for one of the dashboards in question? Having that information up front always makes this discovery / diagnosis go much quicker. Thanks.


Thanks. I see what you are talking about and am working on a fix now.

@Lars_Andersson we just pushed up a fix for the issue; if you refresh your browser you should see the graphs displaying properly again.

Sorry for the issue, and thanks for the bug report.

it was fixed, but now it appears to happen again in 5db866e2b2751c0006de7ba1

In that case the Y axis labels are explicitly set; my guess would be that the following happened …

  1. The bug you reported yesterday was introduced, which created a Y axis for each of your segments AFTER we downloaded the dashboard from the server (in the presentation layer).
  2. This particular dashboard was updated in some way - a block configuration changed, or blocks were rearranged or reordered, or the dashboard name changed. It’s hard to determine that part.
  3. Doing so sent the updated dashboard (now with the explicitly set Y axis labels as described above) back up to the server.

The solution here is to simply remove the Y axis label from each segment of each block.

  1. Open the block configuration edit screen for each of your time series graphs.
  2. In each segment, find the “Y Axis Label” field and simply delete its value.
  3. Save the block.

Unfortunately I cannot update this dashboard for you as I do not have permission on your account, else I would take care of it for you since it was the result of a bug we produced.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

I got it fixed, thanks