Block Data Reorder


I have time series charts on various dashboards that display data for many different sensors. As far as I can tell there is no way to re-order them, other than deleting and recreating in the desired sequence. Is this true?

It seems that there are many situations where there is a need to have the legend (and the overlay) display the sensors in a specific order.


You’re right; at the moment there is no way to reorder the segments other than to rebuild them in the preferred order. But we do have this reordering ability in other parts of the platform; I see no reason why it couldn’t be rolled into the time series graph, pie chart and bar chart editors. I will file a ticket to add that functionality.


Thank you @Dylan_Schuster. This would be a huge help. And might I suggest while they are in that section of the code that someone take a quick look at the color picker. At a minimum it would be good to take advantage of the second row of 8 presets. I’d also suggest that the fixed preset colors don’t represent a very thoughtful, modern palette. Ideally, as I mentioned in a previous post, I believe it would be reasonable that one could customize this palette, but as a quick fix at least give us 16 good ones to choose from.