Aggregation 'Last' seems broken

We use Time series graph and Image overlay for our data visualisation.
With both types, data can be selected on aggregation.
When aggregation ‘Last’ is chosen on a Time series, data is visible only for the last 7 days.
If instead aggregation is set to ‘Max’ for example, all data from the last 30 days is visible.

The same thing happens with an Image overlay.
When you pick a date/time for the dashboard, incorrect data is displayed on the image overlay if aggregation is set to ‘Last’ and the date/time is more than 7 days ago.

I’ve made a temporary time series graph with 2 graph sourced from the same data, only aggregation is different. You can see one graph extends for 30 days while the other only shows data from the last 7 days.

Thanks @Gwen_Vanheusden. We identified the issue and have posted a fix. If you refresh your example dashboard, you will see the “Last” aggregation line extend for the whole period now.

The dashboard was helpful in identifying the issue; we appreciate the bug report and the reproduction.

Hi Dylan.
Thank you for solving this so quickly!