Timeseries plots and aggregation levels

I have a few requests related to the dashboard that I’m working on to show measured weather data.


  • the upper plot shows data aggregated to 30 sec intervals, but my data is coming in every 15 sec. it would be nice to have a 15 sec aggregation level. The next option is 10 sec which tries to interpolate.

  • the two attribute gauges are set to 1 digit floating point precision. If I set to 0 (which I would prefer) I loose the thousand comma as well.

  • for the bottom plot I would like to show a 9 hour time range. Current options are 6 and 12.

When working on the bottom plot I had an idea for another type of timeseries plot. I’m not sure the terms to explain what I’m thinking of…

The current timeseries plot always shows the current time on the right and data flows across the chart. It would be nice to also have a plot that works like a bucket which fills over the set interval, so that data at the start of the period comes in at the left and fills to the right. In this plot the time axis should be static and the plot would reset every period interval.

Hopefully this makes some sense.

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Hey Chris, just an update. Saw your feedback (thanks!), currently working on ways to facilitate the features you’re looking for.

Thanks Brandon! It blows my mind how responsive you guys are.

I know these are pretty minor and specific suggestions, but thanks for looking at them anyways.

Hey Chris, could you try to reproduce the comma issue again (2nd bullet) and paste a screenshot of the result you’re getting? It seems to working for me in both cases (i.e. I see the comma).

From the dashboard with 1 significant digit:

From the preview with 1:

From the preview with 0:

I have the device running today, so you can see the data flowing through the dashboard now. One of the gauges is set to 0 and the other to 1.

Thanks for the details. Got a ticket submitted to get that one fixed up.

@Chris_Crosley we’ve got the issue resolved on our staging environment. The fix should go out in the next few days. Thanks for the report!