Workflows seem slow

I am working through the excellent courses at the university section and am now in course 5. I have noticed that the time it takes between me clicking a virtual button and anything showing up in the debug panel or, for chapter 8 on Workflow Storage, tends to take about 10 seconds, but can sometimes take as long as 20–30 seconds. Is this due to me being in a free sandbox or is this typical overall? In the video, he seems to get a result almost instantaneously. I am on a Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017 iMac and running the latest Mac OS and Safari, so I don’t think the limiting factor is on my end. Thanks.

Hi @Nathan_Dickson

Thank you for going through the university courses. Yesterday, our underlying infrastructure provider was having some issues. You may have been experiences that.

Are you still seeing these issues today ? All should be back to normal.

You can always check on the status of things at:

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Thanks. I did notice that the service said it was degraded yesterday, along with much of the internet, so I figured that may have had something to do with it on earlier chapters. Today, I just now clicked the button for the very simple workflow in Course 5, Chapter 9, “Storage and Globals” and my iPhone stopwatch says it took about 40 seconds to increment a counter in workflow storage from 5 to 6. I posted a screen cap of the workflow.

Hi @Nathan_Dickson,

The workflow storage Entry List has a countdown clock that refreshes the storage value every 60 seconds. This countdown is only for front end purposes, so your stored value is still being updated. You can also manually refresh the countdown clock by clicking on the timer:

For example, my Entry List says the current value of count is 8, but I just triggered my workflow to increment count:

With my other workflow, I can see that the number has been incremented to 9, even though the front end display has not yet refreshed.


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Julia, that’s helpful to know. That explains why it would sometimes take as long as 40 seconds or as few as 8–10… just timing on my part. Perhaps that information could be added to the tutorial somewhere. I just clicked my virtual button quickly several times in a row, then clicked on the circular refresh control that you pointed out (which did not seem noteworthy before among all the other zillions of controls that I’ve still not learned about) and it was updated several values higher than it was before, so that’s perfect.

I just rewatched that portion of the video where he is updating the values and I now see him clicking the refresh icon. I didn’t notice that before, probably because I was looking at my own workflow screen at the time while listening to him talking on my 2nd monitor to the left. It’s still a fairly good walkthrough of how everything works.


I can definitely see how the button can get lost, especially when getting accustomed to the platform and following along with the video. I will create a ticket to make this more apparent, either on the platform itself or in the documentation, as someone else will likely have this question in the future! :smile:

Have a great day,

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