Slow load times

Losant has been extremely slow for me over the last couple of weeks. Everything seems to work, just much slower than normal (maybe 5 minutes to make a change to a dashboard widget, then re-load the dashboard). It affects all other parts of the developer tools (dashboards, workflows, device creation, etc.) but I also have the same problem when logging into an experience page.

Other websites are unaffected.
Speed test shows my broadband is not the issue.
It all works perfectly when logging in with my phone (using the same wifi network, and same Losant login)
I get the same problem on different browsers (Firefox, Edge and Opera).
I’ve cleared all my cookies and cache, no effect.
I’ve done a full virus scan (all looks clean).

Any ideas?

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@Allan_West we had a short period of slowness last week but other than that, our server-side metrics are all equal or better than what we were tracking last month. Client-side, I’m seeing requests taking longer to resolve in Belgium, but other than that everything is tracking as expected.

It all works perfectly when logging in with my phone (using the same wifi network, and same Losant login)

This statement leads me to believe that your issues could be from your computer, though I understand what you’re saying about different browsers having the issue, regardless of clearing cache and the like. The next thing I would try is to put another computer on your network and see if it experiences the same issues you’re having on your regular computer.

Thanks for your reply.
I agree, I don’t think it was due to any issues at your end. My colleagues (also based in the UK) were not having any issues during the same time period.

I’ll try another computer on my network as you suggested. The computer I’ve been using has had no issues like this over the last 18 months though.

I’ve tried it with a macbook now, but had a similar issue. Actually slightly worse, the main application page never loaded at all. Just the rolling circle.

Have you checked your browser’s development tools in regards to this issue? I’m wondering which (if any) network requests are hanging and what the reason is.

Here are some instructions on how to view the network activity in Firefox and Chrome.

I have had the same problem for a couple of weeks now, with eternal loading and impossibility to save workflows (the loading circle always keeps spinning). What I do to solve it is to close Losant from the browser, close the session and open it again.

I don’t know if this will help.

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I had this same issue. How can we solve it?
I’m using MacBook and I used different wi-fi and web browser but the issue has not been solved yet

When I click the “save workflow” button I’m waiting as below picture :

Do you happen to have a bunch of Losant tabs open? Many pages in Losant open streaming connections for logs. Browsers will only allow a few (6?) concurrent connections to a single domain. Those connections are often used up by log streams, which can block other network requests (like saving the workflow).