Server hangs up on loading



Losant webpage hangs up on loading different resources. Is anybody having the same problem?


Hi @nahuel,

Could you provide some locations you are experiencing this? I will test and see if I can replicate, and give this information to our engineering team.



Hi @JuliaKempf,

It’s quite general. For example, when clicking on the application on the left pane devices and experience workflows take a while to load (just two devices and four experience workflows), also when clicking on the button Save after editing a custom page.
The time that takes loading/saving varies from time to time and is not constant (it’s not a connection issue, other pages render okay).

PD: I’m trying to implement Dylan suggestion from this topic Output information to a text box display


Hi @nahuel,

How many tabs of Losant do you have open? A browser limits the number of concurrent connections at once. For instance, if you are using chrome it caps out at 6.



Hi @Erin_Thompson,

It might have been that. Haven’t experienced it again.


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