Was there a Recent Update to the Losant Workflow Error Checking?

On Tuesday one of our webpages stopped responding due to some previously uncaught erroneous code (in an experience workflow function node). This code was added to the experience workflow in Fall 2020 and up until now did not seem to impact the user experience of that page. We also did not make any updates to this workflow or to that experience version recently (prior to this fix).

So was there a Recent Update to the Losant Workflow Error Checking? It is the only explanation for this that I can think of. I have resolved the issue, but is there any way we can subscribe to updates like this (anything that might impact active webpages) to help catch and resolve any issues like this quicker.

Yes, there actually was a change to the Function Node on Tuesday, due to a critical vulnerability in the underlying execution sandbox. We moved to a similar library that approaches the security boundaries of the Function Node in a different manner.

We did extensive testing against this and were unable to come up with any behavior differences - though the new environment has proven to be slightly faster.

Would you mind PM’ing me the code that was running in your Function Node so we can hopefully catch and mitigate that difference in behavior for our other users?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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Thanks for letting me know. I will PM you