What is this line under the workflow window?

This looks like something which shouldn’t be displayed? It’s at the bottom of the workflow page. It looks like it’s showing some text similar to what’s in my FUNCTION node (e.g. I use the terms “srt” and “node_ts”) but I don’t have the FUNCTION node selected.


Could you send along your browser info? Here is a good way to do that:

This? Can you unlink me from this info please?

id “5eebfbe2843a1f0015a3d83d”
date “2020-06-18T23:42:25.151Z”
browser “Firefox”
version “77.0”
os “Windows 10.0”
platform “Microsoft Windows”
dimensionsUnit “px”
viewportWidth 1121
viewportHeight 771
screenWidth 2560
screenHeight 1440
cookies “Available”
javascriptStatus “Available”
url http://mybrowser.fyi/report/5eebfbe2843a1f0015a3d83d/json

Hi @Bryan_Chase,

Thanks for providing your browser info.

We are working to recreate the issue on our end and identify a fix. I will report back when we know more.



I hope this can get us some credit with Steve Mandery! I think we’ve identified a few bugs which can be valuable to Losant. Thanks for being quick to look into these issues – Aidan said a ticket was filed.

Best regards,


I just wanted to follow up to let you know that this bug has been fixed in the recent Platform Release. As always, thank you for your suggestions and feedback, they are vital in improving the Losant Platform!