Showing dash board delay between Korea and Losant
-> It is test My dashboard graph.

It is my temperature, humidity sensor graph.
My sensor location is in Korea.

A client claim, there is some delay showing dashboard graph between Korea and Losant.

How can I solve this problem???

Hi @Namgon_Kim,

You may be seeing latency in loading your dashboards as our infrastructure is located in the United States. Unfortunately, the only way to improve the loading speed would be to have a dedicated Losant install. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, let me know!


If you care about latency or response time, you should do latency / roundtrip delay measurements
between your sensors and your platform. Further, this can change at any time, and becomes part
of the “OT” in “IoT IT/OT”.
We did a quick 1-minute test from one of our sensors, and as you can see it varies by > 100% even
in a 1-minute test.

First I tested losant edge agent.
The result is same.


How can I build dedicated losant?