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Hello Losant Team
I have many mathematical calculations to do and, since the workflows should not take more than 60 seconds, I decided to subdivide them into several more workflows. The problem that is generated now is that these calculations are sequential and I need the execution of the workflow with the blue arrow to finish before continuing.
There is a way to do it? Actually the workflow calc take a 4 seconds but then probably take more time as i will have more devices.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you need the value from “Calc Daily” in the remaining nodes in your screenshot? Unfortunately there is no way to pause one flow’s execution to wait for another to execute using the Workflow Trigger Node.

What I would do instead is start a new execution at “Get CTY WS” and then invoke that with a value calculated from “Calc Daily”. You can pass a custom payload when invoking another execution. Attached is a simple workflow demonstrating what I mean.

vb-waterfall-develop.flow (4.8 KB)

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Thanks for the reply Dylan :slight_smile: