How to introduce delays longer than 60 seconds?


What’s a good way to have a longer delay than 60 seconds in a workflow? If I want 10 minutes, do I need 10 60 second delays?

Polling external API beyond the 60 secs limit of workflow

The maximum amount of time you can delay a single workflow execution, in total, is 60 seconds. Unfortunately adding more delays won’t get past this limitation as you will be attempting to cause a single workflow execution to exceed the 60 second limit.

A workaround is to use a timer that continually runs the workflow on some periodic interval - let’s say every 1 second. You can then continually check whether or not the current time is more than 60 seconds later than the start time.

You can use the Store Value node to store the start time based on whatever triggers the 60 second timer. You can then use a Conditional Node to calculate the time difference and check if it exceeds 60 seconds.

I’ve attached a workflow that you can import that demonstrates this behavior. The virtual button stores the start time and the timer continually checks if it’s greater than 60 seconds. If it is, it logs a message with a debug node and clears the start time.

60-second-timer.flow (1.7 KB)