Workflows missing from experience version

I’ve got a fairly critical issue where I am deploying an experience version, and it’s dropping some of the workflows in the process.

The Login/Logout workflows are dropped, making it impossible to use the experience.

Here are the workflows in develop:

Here are the workflows after versioning:

This only recently started happening (last couple of days).

I’m also quite confident that I released a version on Friday and it was successful. The client logged in and remotely approved an aesthetic change. However this morning that same deployed version now has no login workflows, so the client is unable to login.


Although the login/logout workflows are still visible in my Develop version, my test domain which is assigned to develop was still failing.

I went into the Login, Logout, and changePassword workflows, moved a note by a few pixels, and hit save and deploy.

Now the develop version is working again.

I’m looking into this right now and so far I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue. I’ll be PM’ing you for more information.