Workflow debug info not showing for the develop version

I have a workflow with a released version (108) and a develop version. The workflow starts with a Device State trigger block which is identical in both workflows, and has a debug block (called Debug In) immediately after the state trigger block. Debug information is showing in the debug log for the released version (shows as coming from 108 / Debug In), but when I change to the develop version I never get any debug info from the develop version, which I expect to be there and be displayed as (develop / Debug In). Note that when viewing the develop version of the workflow the debug log still shows output from the (108 / Debug In) version.

I believe the debug info should be filtered to only show output from the version that is currently being viewed in the workflow editor, is that correct?

Hi @Edward_Cline,

By default, the version you have tagged default will be the one that triggers by default. If you want to trigger a different version from a state report, you can include the version you want to trigger. Here is more info about how to do that:

Ok, thanks, I thought the “develop” version always fired regardless. This is clear now.