Edit Debug Messages in Real-time

As a Losant Developer, seeing how the payload updates and changes as data move through the workflow is time-saving to my development process. Today’s tip will show you how to do just that.

The Debug Node is the cornerstone of all workflows. Strategic use of the Debug Node is key when debugging workflows, so when developing workflows, seeing how the payload updates and changes as data moves through the workflow is critical to the development process.

Today’s Tip: Using the Debug Node’s configuration, you can change the Label, Property, and Output values in real-time to analyze and debug the payload.

The Debug Node can be renamed after the workflow has run a few times, and the name of the Debug Nodes in the Debug Panel will update, even for past payloads.

The Input and Output fields of the Debug Panel will also update in real-time. So, keeping track of a particular field in the payload can be done with ease. Or, if you’d like to retroactively see what a specific field looked like in past workflow runs (if there are still payloads in your Debug Panel), you can update the input and output fields to view how they looked previously!

The more and more I use the Debug Node, though, the more and more I’m impressed with the features it has. (For example, Copy Payload Path).

If you have any fun debugging techniques, we would love to hear them!

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Hello! Really nice tips, @Heath!

I would like to share some suggestions about “debugging” on Edge Workflows:

It is a bit annoying to debug Edge Workflows in terms of “clicks” because we have to select the Edge name two times when using a Virtual button (on debug bar and every virtual button). Maybe this could be better if by default when a device is selected on Debug bar, it would also be automatically selected on Virtual Button.

Also, having to create a new version every time a deployment is made isn’t really practical when debugging or development stage, where a lot of ‘useless’ versions are created and to delete it takes some time because it has to be done one by one.