Option to copy output of payload tester


I usually use specific debug outputs to test workflows, for that in the workflow debug I put the specific property and use the copy from the workflow debug, but for custom node debugs this is a little more work, as it is necessary to copy all the output from the workflow debug and isolate only the used property. A suggestion would be to make it possible to copy the output in the payload tester part, thus making it possible to copy only the necessary property, without having to use an additional tool.


Just to make sure I understand the suggestion, you are looking for a way, in the Payload Template Tester, to only use a portion of a debug message as the context against which to evaluate your given string template, JSON template, or payload path? I can see how that would be helpful when working with Custom Nodes. I will file a feature request to help with that.


As an example, normally to test custom nodes I only use the “data” property, however in the debug from inside the custom node it is returning the entire payload

    "data": { ... },

and to put this value of “data” as input in the virtual button, I have to copy the entire payload, and then, in the JSON, delete the rest, leaving only the value of “data”, thus a form of copying only a specific property would be useful. Like the option to copy the input from the payload tester, there could be the option to copy the output from the payload tester.