Very confused about Custom Nodes scope payload

Hi there,
I read the documentation but I am still very confused about the Custom Node component and how does it reference the payload of the outer workflow.

I can see that the outer payload is nested as

So everything needs to be referenced in that way:


It’s annoying but I can live with that.
I then deployed in the main workflow but I get an error and it doesn’t tell me what is the problem.

So some questions below:

  • how is the payload really handled as an input?
  • does the virtual button really works (I passed the exact same data I get from the workflow)?
  • is there a way to pass to the custom node a shorter path?


Custom Nodes do not have any access to the outer workflow’s payload. All data must be passed to them using inputs.

The goal is to keep them as functional as possible, which makes them easier to test and verify. There are also security implications since custom nodes are often shared. If a node can access arbitrary data from the outer payload, using a node built by someone else may unexpectedly expose sensitive data.

The best resource for learning custom nodes may be the examples in the Template Library.

The Nodes category contains a bunch of custom nodes that you can import into your application and explore how they work.

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That is a great help, I am playing with them.