Notes visibility for a given workflow version

When you save a workflow version, you can provide notes… which is handy.
But I cannot seem to find then in the UI… is there a way to see them without an export?

I had expected to find them in the right side pane, Versions tab, as a column in the table of existing versions with Name and Created fields… or by hovering or something like that… but not so, in my case.

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Hi @Tim_N !

Currently, workflow version notes do not appear in the UI. We’re looking to get that functionality added. I don’t currently have an ETA, but I’ll respond on this thread once I have an update.

Thank you Sebastian…
I was leaning towards my own object blindness being the answer :wink:

@Tim_N, just reaching out to let you know that this functionality was added in today’s platform update! See our blog post here for more info:

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

Looks good Sebastian.
Nice job, mate :wink: