How to see when past workflows were run?

How can I see when the recent workflows were run? I can see a bunch were run, but is there a list somewhere of the times in the past they were run?

It would be helpful to see just a list of the times of the past 10 run (or some number). Was it yesterday or 2 months ago?

Hi @Bryan_Chase,

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to see past workflow runs. If you reported state within these workflows, you can see a limited history by consulting the historical state data.

What data would you hope to see so I can create a Feature Request for this?


The main point is to show that the workflow actually ran and what time it ran. To make it more useful:

  • Show the text from the last DEBUG block it encountered
  • Allow FinalMessage to come from {{a.workflow.path}}
  • Show which block produced an error, if any

See this simplified idea, assuming I had a 1-hour timer:

Hey Bryan, there is an API endpoint that will return some high-level details about workflow runs. It’s not the most user-friendly thing in the world, but you may find it useful:

It’s a fairly high priority for us to begin introducing logging like this into the workflow UI - starting with presenting the info from that API endpoint and hopefully expanding over time.

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As for the Recent Run column, that’s the count of times the workflow was triggered over the last 24 hours. I agree that we can make that more obvious in the UI. Thanks for the heads up!