Monitoring workflow changes


I want to create a workflow to monitor changes made on some workflows of my application. Is there a way to get changes made on a workflow with an API maybe?

I know that there is a field on the top right corner of the workflow with a historic of changes made on the workflow.

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You could do something like the following …

  1. Timer Trigger running on an interval of your choosing (for example, every 15 minutes)
  2. Losant API Node using the Flows: Get (for multiple) or Flow: Get (for one) API call.
  3. For each returned flow (i.e. in a Loop Node if checking multiple flows), use an On Change Node to compare that flow’s lastUpdated or _etag property to the same value for that flow the last time your Timer Trigger fired.

Now, that will not tell you what changed, only that a change occurred - and at that, there may not have been an actual change within the workflow if somebody submitted a PATCH request against the flow without any actual updates in the request body. If you need to compare a flow’s content across runs, you could still do so using the method described above as a starting point, but you would need to expand on it from there.

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