Delete Experience Workflows (develop only) not working

“Delete Experience Workflows (develop only)” does not remove workflow resources from the develop version.

We are not seeing that issue on our end; can you send me an application ID so I can investigate further?


Hi Dylan,

unfortunately I had to remove nearly 250 redundant workflows by hand.

The experience is now completely “empty” (STAGE - X-node Hub). You may probably see further details in you logs.

Sorry to hear that. As I said we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on our end yet but are continuing to try.

When you made the request to “Delete Experience Workflows (develop only)” …

  • Did you include any other options in the request?
  • Did you get a successful response from the API / a green success notification in the interface, or was an error returned? If an error, do you recall what it said?


Hi Dylan,

I tried it several times without receiving any error message.

Just following up here. Our engineering team took a look at the application in question and we understand now why the deletion request failed: Because somehow, experience workflows existed in the application without having any versions (including ‘develop’). What we have not been able to figure out yet is how your application got into such a state, because there are several checks in place when creating, modifying, and importing workflows that should not allow that.

If you have any insight here it would be helpful. And thanks again for this bug report and for your help so far.