[Solved] My workflow suddenly goes empty?

20 minutes ago one of my workflows suddently went empty !

The only link that I can see is that I was playing, on the applications main page, with the workflows. I deactivate it then reactive it, and all of a sudden the content of the workflow is gone !

I just hope that I can get it back easily, it’s days of effort :frowning:

Well, thats no good! Could you let me know the id of the workflow, and I can take a look and see what is happening on our side?

Sure, but let me just give you the context first.

  1. Trying to recover, I noticed that - on my side - as soon as I activate or deactivate a workflow from the applications page, the workflow seems to get empty (bug ? misunderstanding from my side ?)
  2. So I recreated the workflow that was deleted, so if you check now you won’t see it empty.

That said, the workflow ID is 58a4814da316700001b9514a. It was ‘deleted’ after 23h02 CET (this is the last time I got a trace of its execution).

Yes, we actually just found that same behavior and are pushing out a hotfix as I am typing this. I can also restore workflow 58a4814da316700001b9514a or any others that you need from our most recent DB backup (which would be from a few hours ago).

Good to hear that a fix is being deployed already :slight_smile:
As a Feature Request, it would be great to have “snapshots” of our workflows, so we can get back to a previous version.

No need to restore my workflow, finally. I found a screenshot I took a couple of days ago “just in case” and was able to recreate from it !


Glad you were able to recreate it, and thank you for the bug report!

We actually do have that feature in the pipeline (internally we call in “workflow versioning”) - it is one of the bigger items on our roadmap for this spring.