Users can't log into development after versioning

Hi there Losant team,

Recently we started versioned our experience to separate our production environment from our development environment. We pointed a new Losant created domain (i.e. at our develop version, and now it seems most of the team cannot log in. I’m still able to do so and have done so on various devices, but even when I have let teammates use my credentials they are getting 404’s saying that a route doesn’t exist for an endpoint. I’ve confirmed that:

  • Teammates are correctly inputting credentials
  • URL is correct
  • Cookies have been cleared before trying

Have any of you encountered this before with other customers? Thank you (again)!

I’m stumped based on what I know so far, as experience users are not versioned along with the rest of your resources; my best guess is you are issuing auth cookies from one subdomain for a different subdomain and that is leading to permissions issues that, for you (based on past history / browser settings) are not presenting a problem.

Can you please PM me the following:

  • URLs for the working and broken experiences
  • An email and password to attempt to sign in (you can create a new user for me and then delete it once we’ve worked this out)

Once I have those I can dig a little further. Thanks.