Workflow Lab results

Just ran through the Hello World lab.
Am I supposed to the the green “Trial1,Trial2, e.t.c” when running this?

If so, I’m doing something wrong.

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

Which of the tests in the Hello World suite is not passing (hello-world or add)?


I was able too get both to pass, but I never could see any headings like this:

Am I supposed to?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

One of our engineers informed me that it is not clear that the test is expandable, as the cursor does not turn to a pointer over the test bar. I will fix that momentarily. If you click anywhere in the test bar, such as the whitespace next to run test, it will expand the test to full view:

Let me know if this was the issue!

Yes it was, thanks


Not sure if you got it figured out, but here’s my Hello World test. I do see the Trials. Like Julia said, you have to click the header to expand the test, which wasn’t immediately obvious.

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Yes that was the issue. I’m good.