The Losant Workflow Lab

Grab your gloves and your goggles, things are going to get explosive! Okay, maybe not actually, but we are bursting with excitement to introduce a new education tool: The Losant Workflow Lab.


To help you learn faster, master building workflows, and explore the elements of the Workflow Engine, we created the Workflow Lab. The Losant Workflow Lab is an interactive tool that provides a set of challenges to solve using the Workflow Engine, and is intended for both new and experienced Losant users. We intended the Lab to parallel tools like Project Euler and HackerRank, which help individuals learn to code through example problems and tests. Here is an example of a test:


For each test, your job is to build an Application Workflow that performs the test logic. In the test above, the Lab will send your workflow the Actual Input and the Actual Output would be what was returned from your workflow.

To learn more, visit our announcement or dive right in with the Workflow Lab Overview.

As always, keep exploring :pick: