Fullscreen workflow window button

Got so excited when I saw the new fit on screen button in the workflow editor thinking that it would expand the workflow window. Disappointed that it just scales the nodes.

In the default view with a node clicked, there is SO little space for the actual workflow editor.

We could def use a full screen button similar to the one on the function node!

The fit-to-screen option actually is nothing new, we just moved it from the a menu we used to have in the bottom right up to the new toolbar we added.

As far as the full screen option for the workflow editor, I’m not sure I quite follow - you can already collapse the node list on the left and close the property panes on the right, to make the actual area where the nodes are take up the full screen?

@Michael_Kuehl I mean a button that with one click would expand the workflow editor up and out. Essentially blowing up the editor window to expand even over the nav and ribbon at the top of the screen. I frequently find myself un-clicking nodes, minimizing the left node pane, and manually shrinking the setting window just to gain more space - even though I need them open.
I just thought it would be really useful to have a single full screen option that would expand the workflow window. Hope that makes more sense.