Experience page fullscreen content edit

We edit experience page content the full screen all the time for the added real estate… however, to save the changes it takes three clicks instead of just one.

If you want to stay in full screen mode in order to save your work you have to click “update” which closes the full screen view and then “save page”, then you have to click back into full screen just to get back where you were.
Not sure what purpose the update button serves - maybe it could be changed to just save? Otherwise maybe just add a save button to the full screen view that doesnt take you out of that window. Would be a nice little timesaver.

Perhaps we can change the functionality of that modal on the experience page editor. What you’re asking for does make sense in that context; less so in other places where the code editor is used and fullscreen mode is an option, such as when editing a workflow.

Take a look at the following and let me know what you think!

Great thanks Dylan, yeah that makes sense to me. I like the idea of a one click Save Changes button. Just maybe be sure that clicking it doesnt also close the full screen window, merely saves?