Data Tables [Add Row] vs [Save Row] when editing

This might be a ‘silly’ featreq, but I find myself committing this ‘offense’ way too many times and it’s starting to bother me :rage: Would it be possible to, either, add the Save Row button at the top of the screen OR even use it to replace the Add Row original one while editing? The problem is too many times, once the Add Row button has been pressed, and you fill all the fields, you immediately go to the top and hit that ‘green button’ again thinking your data will be saved - and it’s not. Again, you might think this is a silly request, but oftentimes you don’t even see the Save Row option because, if you have enough data to fill, you’d have to scroll down the last entry to know the SAVE option is there. Again, maybe not a big deal but maybe I’m not the only one either…and, of course, when you click the wrong button all your data entry is gone…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And, once done editing, the button at the top goes back to Add Row eh? :wink: :red_circle:

Hey @Jose_Cruz,

This is a great point, and I’m sorry it’s been frustrating for you. I’ve made a feature request with our engineering team to get this sorted out. I’ll be sure to follow up when it’s implemented.

Thank you,

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Aye! Thank you @Heath :smiley:

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