Import Data Table

The ability to import a CSV file to create and fill in a Data Table from the user interface (in addition to a workflow).

An excellent feature suggestion, and an obvious next step in the evolution of the feature. This, along with a number of other data table improvements (viewing table data in a dashboard block, switching column requiredness, bulk-editing / deleting rows) is on our roadmap. I’ll add your “bump” for the bulk import via CSV feature. Thanks for the suggestion!


I would love to be able to delete rows as this comes available. Look forward to the update when it comes.

Yes please.

Importing tables and / or the possibility of copying them would be great.
We have some standard modbus register tables that are used across applications retyping and or writing a process to copy is a bit of a pain :wink:

The ability to import data tables from CSV files just went live. The announcement will go out Monday, but feel free to explore the feature!

Awesome news, that will save a lot of time.