Open function block code window in read-only mode when on a branch

It would be nice to open the code window on the function block when on a version other than develop. In read-only mode, not asking for editing capability.

When an error workflow comes in you can hover over the error to see which workflow block the error occurred in. That’s great. The problem is if the error is in a function block in a version other than develop.

When not in development all the workflow blocks are in read-only mode which I understand. Problem is when debugging an error code that points at a function block I can’t expand the code window. When expanded it shows the line number which is helpful to find exactly where in the code that caused the bug.

Currently I have to go back to the develop version, go back to the function block and expand the code window. Then it numbers the code. Expanded mode is a lot better too since you can see more instead of having to scroll in a tiny box.

@Wesley_Manning what browser are you using? For me, in Chrome, I am able to open the Function Node editor in a version. You can see a video here:

Now, there is a small bug here in that the edges of the button that triggers the modal do not seem to respond to click events (which I am filing a bug for right now), but clicking in the middle of the button works as expected.

If you are unable to fire the modal, could you please let us know what browser and operating system you’re using so we can try and reproduce on our end?

@Dylan_Schuster Are you in develop? I can no problem in develop but in another version I can’t. I’m using firefox 95.

The video is from a version; I’ll try and reproduce your issue in Firefox 95 and will report back.

Thanks @Wesley_Manning . I can reproduce the issue in Firefox; you are right, in that browser the code editor will not go into fullscreen mode when the input is disabled (as in a workflow version).

I’ll prioritize this bug and hopefully we’ll get it resolved in our next product update.

Great. I confirmed works fine in Edge on my computer.