Could we get a darker/less fine font - or be able to change in Workflow Editor Function Node


I am old and craggy and have to wear reading glasses for some things (though I try not) but I find the Javascript Editor in the Function Node choice of Font and Colour is really hard to work without my glasses, and I probably need a new prescription as even with them on it’s a bit of a chore :wink:

Could we have the option of choosing a font that is a but darker/thicker for us poor oldies :wink:


Fair point and an easy change regarding the font size (we’ll bump it up a bit) and the font itself (we’ll default to the system monospace font, which should be better than the fine-lined font you’re getting now (probably Courier New?)

As for the text colors, we’ll look into adding a theme switcher to the code editor, which should alleviate that problem. But that may come later.

Thanks for the suggestion!