Whole Experience User Site Down

I am trying to troubleshoot the reason that my whole custom domain is no longer responsive.

It is very strange as it was working all morning until about a half hour ago.
I called the webhost for our domain and they said that app.machinesaver.io is pointing to…
which does resolve to losant.

Can someone help me figure out what is happening here?

Additional Information:
Nothing has changed on the custom domain setup:

When I connect to the slug provided by losant it also does not pull up my user experience:

Hi @Leo_Bach1,

I just tested that link and was taken to your login page, so the domain seems to be functional on my end. The only visible difference I can see between your page and mine is that yours is loading app.machinesaver.io, while I was rerouted to /login. Are you able to load /login or /gateways, or does it show the same screen? Were any workflows changed that route to endpoints?


Just as a follow up, I was able to successfully load both the custom domain and Losant slug, but was redirected to /login:

I cannot load /login:

I cannot load /gateways:

Internet is working:

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Redirecting to /login is the expected behavior as you do not have credentials to access until you create an account

More info: computers on our local network are having issues… perhaps the local ISP (dns resolution) issue? I cannot even ping app.machinesaver.io from my local network.

When I use my phone (utilizing the cellular network) it works… it seems it is not on you side.

Thanks for the speedy response!

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Just as another data point. I was successfully able to hit your URL from our office and also through a VPN to test a second location.

Here’s one of my example experiences hosted by Losant. Are you able to request this one?


Seems it must have been the DNS resolving on the local network we were on.
Both my lead engineer and I were on the same network and it went down on my laptop.
Then it went down on his laptop.
Then I contacted our host company to check to see that we were pointing the subdomain to the same place, and we were.
The checked in with you guys and you were able to access.
Julia tried and was successful in accessing.
Tried on my phone and I was successful in accessing (outside this local network).
Finally, after about 20-30 minutes our local network resolved the sites IP address.

All is well, it seems.

P.S. I thought it may have been something foolish that I had done because I figured that it was much more likely to be my user error than issues on the internet… especially since other websites were working just fine throughout the process.

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