What exactly losant does?

Does losant just connect the device and not install anything on that device?
How does losant talk to device? Via Agent? What does Agent do? What are the responsibility of that agent?

Hi @krishnaveni_vempati , and welcome to the Losant Forums.

For such a broad question, I recommend starting with our documentation:

We also have a number of walkthroughs to help you get started:

Finally, we have a number of Deeper Dives on a number of topics; some of these will surely be helpful in teaching you more about Losant.

If you have any specific questions after reviewing these, please let us know!

I test using the Losant but there are certain areas which is failing and so wondered about it.

Anyway Thanks for the quick answer.

If you are looking for the 1-minute elevator pitch, maybe this 1-minute video helps

Losant is monitoring a simulated electric generator. More videos in our playlist.