Visual Studio Code Extension

Is there any possibility to have someone at Losant create a visual studio code extension to allow for localized experience page/component/layout editing? That would be really cool. Also have access to the Losant file system for CSS and JavaScript file uploads and editing.

This would also allow for multiple developers not to step on toes. The changes would be made locally, with the ability to file compare/merge with cloud based file (again, locally, then save new file to Losant).

The extension would have you login to your application for the connection to the obtain the files for your experience.

A VSCode extension for Losant would be amazing.


Hi @Jonathan_Betke,

That’s definitely a great suggestion, and one that we’ve discussed internally. I’ll follow up with our engineering team and if we haven’t made a formal feature request I’ll go ahead and file that ticket.

In the meantime (which I’m sure you’re aware of), I’d like to point you to the Losant CLI tool we have. This command line tool can help you manage your Losant Application and its resources.


As an additional feature, if possible, the ability to preview what those pages would look like locally would be great.

There are some VSCode plugins like previewHTML that fire up a local server, but don’t work the with hbs files that Losant CLI pulls down.

As my company looks to bring in more developers, we are struggling to get them brought into the development fold as a good amount of Losant specific knowledge still seems to be required.