It's the CLI-mb

Did you know Losant has a CLI to help you build experiences? That’s right, release the confetti cannons! The Losant CLI is a great tool for a plethora of reasons, and is designed for power users.

The CLI helps with building experiences by letting you manage Experience Views, Experience Versions, Data Tables, and Files in your Applications. With the Losant CLI, not only can these resources be edited in Losant, but they can be modified locally with your favorite IDE and then automatically synced with your Losant application with a script. Though Losant provides Experience Versioning already, the CLI’s functionality also provides options for source control and versioning with your preferred code management platform.

The CLI in action!

You can get started immediately with the Losant CLI by visiting our documentation or Github repository.

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Just wishing CLI supported workflows :slight_smile:

Hi @paul_wareham,

Out of curiosity, what would you do with Workflows from the CLI?

I would version control them in git

I was curious to know which IDE the Losant folks prefer for editing hbs files locally?

Ah I see, Did you know that we support versioning of workflows within the platform? Even for Experiences too.

Here, most of use and like VS Code. :slight_smile:

Yes for sure. Aware of the versioning however that makes it non standard from our company’s revision control systems based on git.

I should add that one of the more awkward parts of the process is source control for any custom code in Function nodes. Versioning and diff capabilities with git would be useful.

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Hi @paul_wareham,

Thanks for the explanation! :smile: I will be sure to add these comments to your feature request to give our engineers some more details.

Thanks again,