Recommended way to export Experience files

I would like to export the files defining our custom Experience for tracking in Git.

I see a Losant-CLI tool on Github; is this the recommended way to obtain a set of files used for version-control?

Do you have a write-up anywhere on how to export my entire Experience and associated workflows?

Hello @Alexander_Farley!

We have a great blog article on Experience Versioning and the Losant CLI that can help steer you the right direction based on your use case. It also contains some helpful links to our documentation and more resources to check out. There is also a short walkthrough on the Losant CLI within our documentation. :smile:

Let me know how else I can help!

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Thank you, I have followed that guide to export my application files.

It looks like our Device Recipe is not being exported. Is that possible? Really, what I’m looking for is a one-shot mechanism to export everything necessary to re-build our application.

Hi Alexander,

I will look further into this, but I don’t believe Device Recipes are considered part of Experiences, which could be why they are not included. Device Recipes can be exported manually as well as via the Rest API or Losant API Node.


Thank you. I’m not sure if this is the right place for feature-requests, but I would certainly prefer for the Device Recipes to be included in some global export.

Imagine a user who wants to be absolutely sure that they’re re-creating the same environment if they lose files. I would imagine that this type of user wants to completely recover everything defining their application, including the device recipes.

Right now I’m manually exporting the recipes as a work-around, but it’s mildly uncomfortable because I have to depend on my own memory to perform this action.

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Good afternoon @Alexander_Farley,

This is the exact right place for feature requests! There is definitely a use case for this, I will submit it to our engineering team and let you know if it is implemented.

Thanks, :smile: