Vibration monitoring - many data uploads

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Happy new year,

Im going to install some xyz accelerometers soon, to measure bearing wear. The more data I have uploaded to my visuals the better as i will see a more accure vibration frequency, but I think I’ll be charged more by Losant if im uploading a load of payloads per second from multiple devices.

Can anyone tell me how the billing works for this?

Im looking to start a monitoring business and its difficult to budget without knowing the detail.

Many thanks


Generally speaking, the more state reports you send, the more payloads you will consume - and payload usage is the primary billing metric for a platform license.

As you know, vibration analysis requires several readings per second (Losant allows you to report up to twice per second per device). What we’ve seen other users do is aggregate that raw data locally on the hardware, process it in some way (i.e. calculate the maximum change/vibration within that interval), and report that data up. Also, the raw data could be collected on the device and sent up to the cloud as a blob attribute on a less frequent basis, where it could stored and analyzed at a later time.

I would recommend getting in touch with a member of Losant’s business development team (I can make that intro if you’d like) and they could discuss your solution in more detail and what a license would look like given some more concrete info on the number of devices and the frequency of reporting.