Read And Store Time Series From Device


Hi All, I’m new to losant. I would like to kown if it’s possible to trasfer a time series signal from edge device to losant (i.e. vibration sampled at 100Hz) ? If yes, how the device produce data and what type of data can be used (string, integer array)? How to create a dashboard to display the signal?
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100Hz data from a device to Losant’s cloud is not possible. 100Hz represents a data point every 10ms. It’s very difficult to achieve 10ms latency from your device to the cloud over the internet. Losant has a maximum reporting rate of 2 payloads per second.

In order to process extremely high data rates, like vibration data, we introduced Edge Compute not too long ago. This involves an Edge Agent that runs on a local gateway. Since the data is over the local network, or serial connection, it can process a lot of data. You’d then filter the data locally and report a filtered data point to the cloud much less often.


You could compress it use open source tools for doing audio compression, similar to MP3.

Then you would need to group data together into larger messages with some delay.

I’m presuming you want to do analytics on past data instead of actually needing real time waveforms in the backend?


I agree with you, typically only some statistical indices of the signal are enough to make diagnostics. In this case, few numerical data go on the cloud. However, in some cases having the history of raw signals available (for example once a day), makes it possible to do advanced algorithms and develop fault models in order to implement predictive manintence strategy. To transfer 100Hz sampled signal, I suppose first to sample 100 values of the signal in the device and the build a payload for the cloud (for example a comma separeted values string - max mqtt payload 256KB?). After that send the payload to losant as a device state. At this point I would create a row in a table by processing the payload with cloud workflow (split string and/or chars to numerical conversion).
Hoping to have been clear enough, is it possible to realize what I have described? Could there be different solutions?
Thank you so much.


You can definitely write a comma-delimited string to a string attribute every 1 second. Currently Losant does not have any built-in way to process that data, however you could export it to a CSV and into other tools if needed.

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