Unable to connect Losant Plattform using ESP8266 module

Hi, I do need help as I couldn’t make to connect Losant plattform using ESP8266 12E module (WiFi+Microcontroller). I do follow all instruction as per ‘Moisture Sensor Kit Instruction’ and can connect only WiFi and Losant plattform is failed to connect. Please help me to solve it out. Advance in thanks.

I got solution after tried many means and got many info from this forum and Google. I changed some parameters in PubSub.h file and after it worked perfect. Please find in below info so that you guy whoever encounters the same problem like me can solve it out.

  1. Change Packet size 128 to 256
    #define MQTT_MAX_PACKET_SIZE 256

  2. Change Socket _Timeout 15 to 30
    #define MQTT_SOCKET_TIMEOUT 30

  3. Uncomment out and change Transfer_Size 80 to 90