Typo in the University's Worflow Engine Workshop

While working on the course five workshop I’ve found a few typos and mistakes. They are:

  1. The incorrect image is being used when talking about adding an Input Control Block to the dashboard. Image add-input-control-block-two.png is actually showing the Indicator block.

  2. Several references for ‘valve’ have been written as ‘value’. For example:

“We also want to configure the valve-status attribute:
Attribute: valve-status
Value: {{ data.valve}}
Just as data.deviceID, data.value will come from the Input Control Block.”

  1. On the part about working with the Latch Block, the written reset expression is wrong:
    “{{ data.temperature }} <> 90” should either be “{{ data.temperature }} < 90” to match the image or “{{ data.temperature }} <= 90” to include the value 90 in the condition.

Thank @Fernando_Cardoso_Gar!

I’m fixing these now :slight_smile: